Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment

Patients often present with external hemorrhoids or tags. They often are responsible for difficulty cleaning after a movement, blood spotting on the paper, soreness and irritation and itching. They are a common consequence of hemorrhoids that develop during pregnancy and are very common in athletes and others who are involved in strenuous activity. Constipation and straining at stool is another common risk factor.

These hemorrhoids require removal by a minor surgical procedure done in the office. As they are in the sensitive area of the anorectal region, below the dentate line they cannot be treated with the painless Ultroid procedure designed for the internal hemorrhoids that are above the line. The only painful aspect of excising the external hemorrhoids is the needle injection of lidocaine in the very sensitive anal area to establish local anesthesia for the resection.

Understanding the pain patients have with the injection I have searched for an alternative to the shot and I’m now using a new method which eliminates the need for a needle injection. Now there is no pain from the needle. This makes the resection of the external hemorrhoid a painless procedure. As usual following the resection most patients do not require pain medication beyond the fourth or fifth day. The good news however, is that the operation is now painless.

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