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Preparation for the Hemorrhoid Procedure

Hemorrhoids are an unpleasant condition caused by swelling and inflammation of the veins located in the anus and rectum area. When an enlarged vein becomes irritated, inflamed and clogged, a hemorrhoid forms, leading to a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Due to the reputation of hemorrhoid procedures being extremely taxing on the individual before and after the procedure, many suffering from this malady are more worried about the entire process involved in treating the hemorrhoids, than the disease itself. This includes fear of the preparation for the treatment, the actual process of getting rid of the hemorrhoids, and the post-treatment effects on the body.

Although there are still painful and difficult procedures still in use by many hemorrhoid specialists, the Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida employs methods of treatment for internal hemorrhoids that are painless and do not require the extensive preparation or long recovery time traditionally expected.

In the past, preparation included dietary restrictions that were required to be followed weeks prior to the procedure, along with several blood and urine tests, and being asked to stop taking any medications that can increase bleeding in the week before the procedure. On the day prior to surgery, you used to have to perform bowel prep by taking laxatives and performing an enema to clear out your system. The most difficult part was after the surgery and having to deal with weeks of extreme pain and an inability to live life normally.

At HTCF, this is NOT the case.

The staff specifically employs methods of treatment that have minimal effects on the individual, allowing them to quickly and conveniently rid themselves of internal hemorrhoids, which are treated with the Ultroid procedure. There is no elaborate prep work necessary to get ready for the procedure. Enemas, laxatives and dietary restrictions are a thing of the past.

The Ultroid treatment is for internal hemorrhoids that are located above the dentate line, so there is no need for any type of anesthesia. All of this leads to one of the easiest noninvasive treatments available for getting rid of hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoid removal procedures at the HTCF also forgo the need for preparation. Removal of external hemorrhoids that are below the dentate line requires local anesthesia, but little else. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that this procedure does bring with it minor discomfort that usually lasts 3 to 4 days. This is in stark contrast to the still-dominant perception that the removal of hemorrhoids requires recovery time that is measured in weeks. After the treatment, the doctor will simply give you a detailed list of instructions on how to lessen the minor pain and discomfort that may be present.

Both procedures are performed in the office at the Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida, so there is no need for the expense of the hospital or an outpatient surgical center.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Preparation | Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida

With the inconvenience and worry that comes with hemorrhoidal disease (HD), it is important to find solutions to this medical issue sooner rather than later. If you are dealing with HD and would like to know what your options are for treatment, call (727) 724-4279 to schedule a free consultation with the experienced and knowledgeable Dr. David H. Shapiro at the Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida.

Dr. Shapiro has over 40 years of medical experience, which includes time as a Clinical professor of Surgery at the University of South Florida. In addition to this extensive experience, he was also a prominent figure in the development of the Ultroid® treatment method itself.

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