Medical Marijuana Now In Pasco County

As a licensed medical marijuana doctor in Florida, Dr. Shapiro is thrilled to now offer services for residents of Pasco County. Medical marijuana cards have become difficult to attain in Pasco County, Florida, despite the benefits that medical marijuana can provide for various health conditions, but people in Pasco County can now easily obtain a medical marijuana card with the help of Dr. Shapiro. During your scheduled office visit, Dr. Shapiro will review your condition and provide a written medical marijuana recommendation. With nearly 40 years of experience in clinical patient care and a dedication to the application of medical marijuana in treatment, Dr. Shapiro will provide invaluable insight throughout the card application process. If you live in Pasco County and have been struggling to obtain a medical marijuana card or believe that medical marijuana may be beneficial to your health, contact Dr. Shapiro today.


Medical Marijuana of Florida


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    Medical marijuana is available in Florida,
    however, remains illegal under federal law.