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Medical Marijuana

Dr. ShapiroDr. Shapiro is certified by the American Board of Surgery and has extensive experience in the treatment of hemorrhoids. He contributed to the research and design of the device he uses in his office to painlessly treat HD. He brings the advantages of his education at Williams College, Tufts Medical School and residency at Yale in surgery to his practice at HTCF. His goal is to give compassionate, professional and skilled care to his patients.

With extensive experience in the treatment of hemorrhoids, and my academic experience and years in private practice as well, I believe that I bring a sense of perspective to my practice. Academics have been a beacon in my various career decisions .Where I am now is a product of where I have been, and I have extensive experience with practical surgery and patient care. For nearly 40 years, I have devoted myself to the practice and instruction of medicine and surgery, and I feel every experience along the way has been important. I will now devote my efforts to advising so many patients in need about whether medical marijuana my be of help to them. Here are some highlights of the places I have been throughout my career: …» Read More

Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana is available in Florida,
however, remains illegal under federal law.