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Patients often believe that any problem with the anal area is a hemorrhoid. Fortunately, Dr. Shapiro is a surgeon and he is able to diagnose and treat a wide array of perianal diseases

Symptoms may be related to either internal or external hemorrhoids, anal skin tags, an anal fissure, a thrombosed external hemorrhoid, perianal dermatitis, anal warts, rectal prolapse, or tumor.

The Ultroid procedure and the newer HET prpcedure is designed to address the symptoms that are related to internal hemorrhoids, which are located above the dentate line. The dentate line is an ananatomic structure that separates the rectum above, which lacks pain nerves, from the very sensitive, nerve-rich anal canal below. External hemorrhoids arise below that line and local anesthesia is required for the removal of the external hemorrhoids or tags by a minor office surgical procedure.

Patients with external hemorrhoids notice difficulty cleansing after a bowel movement, itching, blood spotting on the toilet paper, staining on undergarments, and often irritation of the area. On occasion, the external hemorrhoid fills with a blood clot that causes severe and acute pain and the engorged or thrombosed external hemorrhoid requires urgent office surgery to remove the clot and achieve relief.

An anal fissure is a tear in the surface layer of the anal canal, usually in the posterior midline and associated with a knife-like pain accompanying a bowel movement.

Skin tags are the remnants of external hemorrhoids and have similar symptoms and treatments.

Perianal dermatitis may be caused by overzealous wiping, perhaps due to the external skin tags. It causes irritation that may be painful, minor bleeding, and itching.

A rectal prolapse may mimic a prolapsed internal hemorrhoid and requires careful diagnosis in order to give the proper treatment and avoid the misuse of the Ultroid procedure.

Anal warts are sexually transmitted, may harbor malignancy and are commonly treated with electrocautery.

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