Excision of External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids that are below the dentate line in the anal canal are called external hemorrhoids. They often are responsible for difficulty in cleaning following a movement, soreness and irritation, spotting of blood on the toilet paper and itching. The anal canal is a very sensitive area and procedures at this level requires local anesthesia as opposed to treatment of the internal hemorrhoids that lie above the dentate line in the rectum devoid of pain fibers.


Patients are often confused about the details of this procedure after reading descriptions on the Internet that are actually about the open hemorrhoidectomy that is done under general anesthesia in the hospital. That procedure is often followed by weeks of pain.

Excision of the external hemorrhoids done at the Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida is done in the office with local anesthesia. Most patients don’t require pain medication after the fourth or fifth day following the procedure and are able to go about their normal activities before then.

The procedure involves first establishing analgesia with the injection of a local anesthetic around the anal area. The hemorrhoid is resected and the wound is then closed with an absorbable suture material that does not require removal. Patients are given instructions in the care of the area and in general the procedures well-tolerated.

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