Things to Consider if You Live a Distance from Clearwater

The Internet is a powerful tool and the Hemorrhoid Treatments Center of Florida web page is available to patients far away from the office. We are often called because patients live in areas where Ultroid is not available to them.

The Ultroid procedure can only be used for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are those that lie above the dentate line. That line is the demarcation between the rectum and the anal canal. The rectum, that lies above the dentate line, is covered by a mucosa and poorly supplied by nerve pain fibers. That is the reason that the Ultroid procedure can be used for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids. Patients with internal hemorrhoids often have blood appearing in the toilet bowl water.

The Ultroid procedure is not designed to be used for external hemorrhoids that exist below the dentate line where there is abundant nerve supply and the tissue is very sensitive. Neither the Ultroid or banding procedures can be done for external hemorrhoids for that reason.

Patients are often not certain whether their hemorrhoid is an internal or external hemorrhoid. Although physicians closer to home may not be aware of the Ultroid, they will be able to do the minor surgical procedure for external hemorrhoids. Accordingly, a long trip may not be necessary if an external hemorrhoid is causing their problems.

It is important for you to have the diagnosis made by a local physician and if indeed you have an internal hemorrhoid the Ultroid procedure is appropriate and a much better option than the open surgical hemorrhoidectomy that requires hospitalization and general anesthesia and often followed by weeks of significant pain. If you have a documented internal hemorrhoid then the trip to Clearwater is worth your while.

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