Why the Stigma About Hemorrhoids?

Have you ever really thought about the stigma surrounding hemorrhoids? It is understandable that no one wants to talk about them unless they have to, just as you wouldn’t talk about your recent bowel movement during casual conversation. 

But when you have to take a donut with you to work, why are you automatically ridiculed and made fun of, behind your back if not to your face? Why are we always so paranoid about what will happen if we take a pillow to work/school/etc. just because it seems embarrassing. 

The bottom line is that it goes against the grain of our society to admit that such a heinous and taboo health problem even exists, much less that it is a common occurrence. Continue reading “Why the Stigma About Hemorrhoids?”

How Long Hemorrhoids Can Last

Most people are embarrassed to talk about their hemorrhoids, and they don’t even really want to go to the store and have to buy the over-the-counter medicated ointments for the purpose. In reality, about half the population has hemorrhoids at any given moment in time. Most of the time hemorrhoids clear up on their own, but sometimes you need a doctor’s assistance.

Hemorrhoids can last any amount of time. It’s really individual to the hemorrhoid.  Some small hemorrhoids may heal on their own within a few days if not aggravated. Other hemorrhoids can last several days or weeks, even with over-the-counter treatment. If you have hemorrhoids that are painful and don’t resolve within a few days, you should see your doctor. Continue reading “How Long Hemorrhoids Can Last”

Mistakes that Cause Hemorrhoid Flares

If you frequently have hemorrhoids, it is important to take care of yourself and make some lifestyle changes so that you are not negatively impacted by the inconvenience and pain of a hemorrhoid flare. There are some mistakes that are quite common and can cause major hemorrhoid flare ups. Here are some of those mistakes and how to avoid them.

Living a Sedentary Lifestyle

The more sedentary you are, the more likely your hemorrhoids will get much worse. When you spend most of your time sitting, you are putting pressure on the veins in the anus. This pressure leads to hemorrhoids, which are, in fact, a byproduct of a stressed vein. Take plenty of breaks to get up and walk around whenever possible. Continue reading “Mistakes that Cause Hemorrhoid Flares”

Coronavirus Safety Alert

This communication is prompted by the crisis we are all facing from the coronavirus.

We are taking extra precautions in the office carefully cleansing all surfaces several times a day and after each patient visit and liberally using hand cleansers. Social distancing precautions are difficult in a medical evaluation and patients with any evidence of respiratory symptoms will be asked to wear a mask that we will provide.

If you have a cough or sore throat or even a low-grade temperature please advise us and we will ask you to wait in your car prior to your visit and we will escort you to the office when we are ready to see you. Hand shaking is discouraged and a elbow or fist bump or a polite bow will suffice.

Our main concern is your welfare and safety as we take these extra precautions.


David H. Shapiro, MD, FACS
Collaborative Professor of Surgery
USF Morsani College of Medicine

Self-Help Tips for Hemorrhoid Flare Ups

Hemorrhoids are actually not rare. In fact, about 50 percent of people over the age of 50 have hemorrhoids, although they can affect anyone. Often hemorrhoids do not need to be treated with anything other than over-the-counter treatments. Here are some other tips for managing hemorrhoid flare ups. 

Increase Fiber

Increasing your fiber intake is the best way to combat hemorrhoids. If you are getting plenty of fiber in your diet, it will help you keep regular bowel habits. When you have regular bowel habits, the veins of the rectum are not stressed, which means that the hemorrhoid either doesn’t form at all or, in the case of a flare, it is not made more painful. Continue reading “Self-Help Tips for Hemorrhoid Flare Ups”

Preparing for Your Hemorrhoid Treatment

Your hemorrhoids finally got bad enough that you sought out specialized treatment. You got past the embarrassment of talking about your hemorrhoids to the doctor. Now you face the daunting task of getting your hemorrhoids treated.

You really don’t need to worry about your hemorrhoid treatment. No matter which treatment method Dr. Shapiro decides is best for you, the treatment itself will not be painful. You will also have no downtime and virtually no restrictions immediately after your treatment. Continue reading “Preparing for Your Hemorrhoid Treatment”

Symptoms of IBS Pain and Cramping

What usually sends people to the doctor is the pain and cramping that comes with IBS. Other symptoms, including hemorrhoids, often come out only as the medical practitioner interviews the patient. The abdominal pain that can be associated with IBS can be extremely painful.

Erratic Bowel Movements

If you are frequently constipated, your bowels are frequently loose, or your bowels switch constantly between the two, this is a sign that you have irritable bowel syndrome. Erratic bowel movements or sudden changes in your bowel habits can be an indicator. Continue reading “Symptoms of IBS Pain and Cramping”

How Fast You Will Heal After Hemorrhoid Treatment

HET_ProcedureHaving painful or uncomfortable hemorrhoids for any period of time can be enough to send you to the doctor for treatment. Yet everyone has a busy schedule, and no one wants a treatment with significant downtime. There are several different treatments available for hemorrhoids. Here are a few of them, as well as what you can expect for recovery times.

HET Procedure

Hemorrhoid Energy Therapy, or HET, is a common treatment for bleeding or prolapsing internal hemorrhoids. This treatment only takes about 10 minutes and is completely painless. There is little to no discomfort after the procedure, and you can return to normal activity immediately. Continue reading “How Fast You Will Heal After Hemorrhoid Treatment”

Ways to Cope with Hemorrhoids When at Work

Hemorrhoids are not just embarrassing; they are also extremely uncomfortable. If you have a severe case of hemorrhoids, you could actually be in quite a bit of pain. While you are waiting for your appointment or for your treatment to provide results, you may need to cope with hemorrhoids while at work. Here are a few tips to help you cope so that you can be comfortable and confident.

Pillow or Cushion

You probably don’t want to use a donut pillow at work. There is really only one purpose for such a pillow. You might as well declare to the entire office that you have hemorrhoids. Yet a pillow or cushion can be extremely helpful. Try to choose a pillow or cushion that is harder on the outside edge than on the inside, such as the pillows that tie onto dining chairs. This way you get the benefit of removing pressure from the anus without being obvious about your condition. Continue reading “Ways to Cope with Hemorrhoids When at Work”

Three Surprising Ways Hemorrhoids Affect Your Life

Hemorrhoids can be painful, uncomfortable, and concerning, especially if they bleed or if you have them for a long time, but you might be surprised at all of the ways that having hemorrhoids can affect your life. Here are just some ways that they affect you aside from the obvious implications to your health.

Avoiding Social Engagements

When you have painful hemorrhoids, you may find that you incidentally distance yourself from your friends and family. You may put off social engagements or flake on them entirely because you do not want to have to sit uncomfortably in a chair, booth, or bench. This can affect your personal relationships in many ways. And because you don’t want to tell them the reason why due to embarrassment, it can drive a wedge between you. Continue reading “Three Surprising Ways Hemorrhoids Affect Your Life”

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