Why the Stigma About Hemorrhoids?

Have you ever really thought about the stigma surrounding hemorrhoids? It is understandable that no one wants to talk about them unless they have to, just as you wouldn’t talk about your recent bowel movement during casual conversation. 

But when you have to take a donut with you to work, why are you automatically ridiculed and made fun of, behind your back if not to your face? Why are we always so paranoid about what will happen if we take a pillow to work/school/etc. just because it seems embarrassing. 

The bottom line is that it goes against the grain of our society to admit that such a heinous and taboo health problem even exists, much less that it is a common occurrence.

Really? Just how common are hemorrhoids?

By the age of 50, about half of your peers will have hemorrhoids at some point or another, usually more than once or chronically. Men are more likely to develop hemorrhoids due to strain from constipation or physical effort. Women usually get hemorrhoids during pregnancy when the baby is putting pressure on the anus or during childbirth due to bearing down.

How does no one know this?

Hemorrhoids are so taboo, and have been for so long, that few people realize the truth about how common they can be. Often your neighbor will be in pain from sitting on hemorrhoids while they are ridiculing you for having them and bringing a donut pillow, or people in the room who also have hemorrhoids will simply disappear into a quiet corner while the teasing is occuring. 

The stigma itself is perpetuating the problem. It is an endless cycle that will only be broken if all of the millions of people who struggle with hemorrhoids every year speak out about the condition and how easy it is to treat.

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