Symptoms of IBS Pain and Cramping

What usually sends people to the doctor is the pain and cramping that comes with IBS. Other symptoms, including hemorrhoids, often come out only as the medical practitioner interviews the patient. The abdominal pain that can be associated with IBS can be extremely painful.

Erratic Bowel Movements

If you are frequently constipated, your bowels are frequently loose, or your bowels switch constantly between the two, this is a sign that you have irritable bowel syndrome. Erratic bowel movements or sudden changes in your bowel habits can be an indicator.

Gas and Bloating

It can be embarrassing to have gas all the time, but that is often what happens with IBS. The irritated bowel produces more gas, which can cause painful bloating as well as embarrassing moments of passing gas. 

Food Intolerance

If you suddenly notice that certain foods cause changes in your bowels, gas, and cramping, it is a sign that irritable bowel syndrome is the cause. About 70 percent of patients say that certain foods trigger their symptoms.

The constipation resulting in hard and large volume stools and multiple episodes of diarrhea are root causes of hemorrhod disease.

If you are noticing any of these signs of IBS and have hemorrhoids call our office.

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