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We at the Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida, conveniently located in Clearwater, Florida, are dedicated to providing exceptional treatment to patients throughout Florida’s Tampa Bay area. We believe that relief from Hemorrhoidal Disease shouldn’t interfere with your life, and it is our passion to care for clients who are suffering.

We employ an advanced system that allows us to non-surgically treat the root cause of hemorrhoidal disease in a matter of minutes. Home remedies and topical solutions simply treat the symptoms without targeting the actual cause, and invasive surgical procedures can interrupt your way of life. Using our system, you can treat your hemorrhoids and go on about your business.

Experienced, Professional, and Compassionate Care

Our physicians are experts in the field of hemorrhoid treatment with years of both theoretical knowledge and practical experience backing them. Our founder, Dr. David H. Shapiro, M.D., is a Yale-trained physician who currently holds the appointment of Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of South Florida, and he contributed to the design and mechanics of the Ultroid® system used in our offices. Dr. Shapiro is certified by the American Board of Surgery and has more than 35 years of dedicated experience in the medical field.

Quick and Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

We are fully equipped to provide a variety of treatment options for many different cases of Hemorrhoidal Disease. Our treatment system allows for non-surgical treatment in our office in no time. You can treat your hemorrhoids and get back to your life, even riding your bike home from the office, if you want.

Contact our office at (727) 724-4279 to schedule a free consultation with a physician and start the process of getting your life back to normal. Hemorrhoid relief can be achieved today.

Do You Know The Most Trusted Doctors?

Dr. Shapiro Selected for Best Doctors  in America list  2015–2016

   Top Doctors  in Tampa Bay  2015-2016

Clearwater, Florida–October 15, 2015–There are many doctors throughout the United States that practice medicine whether it be a general physician or specialist. How can a patient be confident that the doctor they choose is at the top of his field?  Best doctors in America organization and the Tampa Bay Metro Magazine conduct surveys of many physicians who nominate those they would choose for their doctor.


How are doctors rated?


Best Doctors conducts extensive peer to peer surveys with doctors to figure out which doctors are trusted the most in the medical community by their own. Being one of the top surveys conducted in the country, they have a database of over 50,000 medical professional feedbacks consisting of over 400 specialties around the globe which has been a result of their 20+ years of research and review in the medical community. By having medical professional review their peers, they have created one of the best and most trustworthy ways to rate doctors around the globe which can assist others in finding the best care for them in their area. By providing patients with better doctor thus better healthcare, they aim to lower healthcare cost by helping patients get the right diagnosis the first time.


How do doctors make the list?


A physician cannot pay to be a part of the recognized list nor can they pay to be reviewed.  Since this is a peer review process the doctors are nominated and reviewed by other medical professionals in their field.  This way the doctors are nominated only because of their expertise and skills.


About Dr. Shapiro


Dr. Shapiro was awarded by in Tampa Bay by the tip of a Metro Magazine and by the best doctors in America organization for inclusion in their list for 2015–2016.  Dr. Shapiro is certified by the American Board of surgery and has a groin experience in treating hemorrhoids and other anorectal problems.  He was educated at Williams College, Tufts University School of medicine and trained in surgery at Yale.  He has a background in academics and is currently clinical professor of surgery at the University of South Florida College of medicine. His goal is to provide patient’s with the best care possible.


Contact Information


David H. Shapiro, M.D.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida

561 South Duncan Avenue

Clearwater, FL 33756

(727) 724-4279

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