Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

There are many approaches to the treatment of hemorrhoids that depend on the location, type, and severity of the hemorrhoid. These are surgical in nature, and, as a result, are associated with pain, post-operative bleeding, and the other possible complications of surgical operations. At the Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida, we use the Ultroid® hemorrhoid treatment system, which is quick, easy, painless, and does not involve cutting, burning, freezing, or suturing for treatment of the internal hemorrhoid.

Open Surgery

Open Surgery Hemorrhoid Treatment

Open Surgery Treatment Method

Open Surgery Treatment Method

The open surgical approach consists of the ligation of the feeding vessels with sutures and the cutting away of the tissue. Bleeding and pain are the norms. The pain associated with the first postoperative bowel movement has been compared to that of having swallowed a hand grenade with a delayed fuse!

Many variations of the open operation are done, but all involve general anesthesia in the operating room and are associated with the complications of the surgery and anesthesia.

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Stapled Hemorrhoid Treatment

Stapled / PPH Treatment Method

Stapled / PPH Treatment Method

The stapled, or PPH, hemorrhoid procedure has gained popularity and is also a surgical procedure done under anesthesia in the operating room. It is also associated with post-operative pain and bleeding as well as other serious problems that may occur related to the staple placement.

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Cryosurgery, Infrared, and Laser

Cryosurgical Hemorrhoid Treatment

Cryosurgical Treatment Method

Cryosurgery (pictured), infrared and laser treatment all cause the immediate destruction of tissue and in essence have the same outcome as open surgery. Though not cut away, tissue is destroyed and the resulting open wound needs to heal.

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Rubber Band Ligation

Rubber Band Ligation Hemorrhoid Treatment

Rubber Band Ligation Treatment Method

Rubber band ligation is the ligation of the tissue in an effort to pinch off the blood supply that results in the death of the tissue. Pulling the hemorrhoid into a small doubled-sleeved cylinder allows the placement of a latex or rubber band around the hemorrhoid. Over time, the lack of blood supply to the tissue causes it to die, and it is eliminated during a bowel movement. The potential drawbacks of this method include the long delay of results, bleeding, pain and ulceration. Also, multiple treatments may be necessary to fully treat the condition.

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The Ultroid® procedure is noninvasive; there is no cutting, freezing, stapling, freezing, burning or sclerosing. There is no post-procedure complication of pain, bleeding, ulceration anal narrowing or infection that is associated with the other methods. As it delivers a very low electric current that produces a natural biochemical reaction in the hemorrhoid, Ultroid® has a number of benefits over most of the traditional methods of hemorrhoid treatment available:

  • Most hemorrhoids require just one treatment.

  • No anesthesia or bowel preparation is required, so the majority of patients are able to resume their daily activities immediately following the procedure.

  • However it is ineffective for prolapsing internalhemorrhoids

  • The procedure takes just a few minutes, and the procedure is performed in-office, not at a hospital operating room.

  • There is no pain or recovery time associated with the procedure.

To get an idea of how the Ultroid® system compares to the other treatment methods listed above, consider this table:

  Quick: performed in about 10 minutes Performed in-office Treats all grades of Internal HD Painless No recovery time required Non-invasive No bowel prep or anesthesia
Hemorrhoidectomy (surgery)              
Rubber Band Ligation              
Stapling (PPH)              
Laser (IRC)              


As a board certified surgeon, Dr. Shapiro is able to treat external hemorrhoids, as well. They arise in an area that cannot be treated with the Ultroid device because, since the hemorrhoids are below the dentate line, they receive pain fibers. The internal hemorrhoids - which can be treated by Ultroid - are above the dentate line where there are no pain fibers. Dr. Shapiro can remove the external hemorrhoids with a gentle local anesthesia and a minor office surgical procedure, providing a total HD solution.

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