Hemorrhoid Energy Therapy (HET) Procedure Update

Clearwater, FL – February 15, 2016

David H. Shapiro, M.D has conducted over 200 HET procedures since bringing the treatment technique to his practice over a year ago. Since then, it has been sucessful in more than 90% of the cases he’s treated. The procedure is painless and little to no pain expected afterwards. It is typically done in a surgery center as the equipment used during the procedure. It requires no anesthesisa and it has been a significantly sucessful alternative to open hemorrhoidectomy, especially for those with prolapsing internal hemorrhoids. Those are historically associated with a very painful and prolonged postoperative convalescence.

The procedure features Ultroid, a revolutionary technique that is beneficial for bleeding. However, it is not always effective for prolapses. We offer the HET procedure to our patients who show signs of prolapsing, protruding hemorrhoids with bleeding.

The HET procedure has emerged as the treatment of choice for most patients battling with internal hemorrhoids.

Dr. David Shapiro Introduces New Hemorrhoid Energy Treatment

Clearwater, FL – February 27, 2015

David H Shapiro, M.D. is his happy to announce that he is introducing the HET Procedure in his care of patients with internal hemorrhoids at the Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida at 561 South Duncan Avenue in Clearwater.

The HET Procedure or hemorrhoid energy treatment is a recent technology provided by Covidian for the treatment of bleeding and prolapsing internal hemorrhoids.

It has the same advantages as Ultroid with a painless procedure that requires no prep and no anesthesia and is associated with no pain following the treatment. It is however more effective than the Ultroid in treating prolapsing hemorrhoids.

It involves the introduction of an instrument that is similar to an anoscope with a small window that allows tissue to be engaged in a small clamp allows the application of heat that interrupts the blood supply to the hemorrhoid. As the application is done above the dentate line, there is no pain and it does not cause any tissue necrosis. Not only is the procedure painless, there is no postprocedure discomfort.

His results reflect those in the peer reviewed literature with success approaching 100% with a single treatment. The only downside is that the expense of the instrumentation requires that it be done in an outpatient surgery center. Patients are scheduled at the Belleair Surgery Center which is only minutes away from the office. Though it is done in a surgery center there is no anesthesia or pain and the patient leaves immediately following the treatment.

Recently Dr. Shapiro has added the jet injector for delivering local anesthesia for the excision of external hemorrhoids without the pain of a needle injection.

The addition of the HET Procedure represents another example of Dr. Shapiro’s effort to avail his patients of the best and most modern techniques in the treatment of anal rectal disorders.

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