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Hemorrhoidal Disease (HD) is a condition which afflicts a significant portion of the American population with pain and discomfort that can be nearly unbearable at times. Unfortunately, many people simply suffer through the pain because they feel embarrassed about the condition or are afraid of invasive surgery. Thanks to our advanced hemorrhoid treatment solution, however, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Board Certified General Surgeon

Health care has changed over the years and patients are now often seen by a nurse practitioner and not a doctor when they visit the office. Instead of the physician, they are evaluated and even treated by the nurse, but that is not the practice at The Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida.

At the Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida you will always be seen by Dr. Shapiro, a board certified general surgeon with many years of experience with a wide variety of anal rectal disorders including hemorrhoids who also serves on the medical school faculty. You will be cared for directly by Dr. Shapiro from your first evaluation and then every visit and treatment that follows. At The Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida, we employ state-of-the-art treatment systems that target and treat internal hemorrhoids without requiring any form of surgery, anesthesia, or invasive preparations. Contact us today to be evaluated by a Tampa proctologist to discuss how you can be free of HD.

Quick, Easy, and Painless Treatment Options Including the HET Procedure

Traditionally, removal of problematic hemorrhoids required long, invasive surgery with anesthesia and many preparatory procedures that were intrusive to the patient’s way of life. This sort of treatment has turned many people off to the idea of treating their condition for fear of time constraints, recovery time, invasive surgical procedures, or other unforeseen complications. These concerns are, in large part, a thing of the past for current HD sufferers.

Most cases of internal and mixed Hemorrhoidal Disease can be treated easily and effectively in a matter of minutes with the Ultroid® hemorrhoid treatment system. This non-invasive process can be undergone in-office with no interruptions to your lifestyle. Eat what you want before the procedure, come in for a short office visit, and even ride your bike home, if you so choose. Simply contact us to schedule a free consultation, arrange a visit to our office, and schedule the procedure for your most convenient time. With our system, relief is just that easy.

Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation and discuss what treatment options are available for you.

Private Suffering

Many HD sufferers feel uncomfortable approaching their doctor about their condition or asking anyone what they should do about symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. They would rather suffer the pain and discomfort of Hemorrhoidal Disease than face the supposed embarrassment of people knowing they are troubled with hemorrhoids.

The fact is, however, that HD is a very common condition, especially in seniors, those who are very physically active or do a lot of heavy lifting, new mothers, and anyone who often sits in one place for an extended period of time. There is no need to feel embarrassed about the condition. Many others have suffered through the same situation you may be experiencing. The important thing is that you get relief from the discomfort of HD.


Throughout the decades, I’ve assisted hundreds of men and women in reclaiming their life from painful hemorrhoids. It is my mission to make this process even easier for our patients.

Get started down the road to relief today by calling our office or using our online contact form. We welcome your call and look forward to helping you restore your comfort and dignity.

What Is Hemorrhoidal Disease?

Hemorrhoidal Disease (HD) is often referred to by other names, including “piles” and misspellings of “hemorrhoid” (such as hemroid, hemorroid, hemmoroid, “roids”, etc.). Regardless of its moniker, HD is a condition in which certain veins in the anal canal become inflamed or swollen. The condition can manifest as internal hemorrhoids (located entirely inside the anal canal), external hemorrhoids (protruding from the anus), or a mixture of the two. Ultimately, hemorrhoidal disease is a benign condition that rarely causes any significant issues, but it can be annoying and painful to those who suffer from it.

HD is generally caused by extended periods of pressure on the veins in the anus, which often happens in a variety of circumstances. HD is commonly brought on by heavy lifting, strenuous physical activity, birthing labor, extended periods of sitting, and straining during bowel movements. Hemorrhoid prevention is often a matter of careful regulation of diet, physical activity, and bowel habits. Practice a well-balanced diet with plenty of fiber and water intake, avoid frequent and extended periods of heavy lifting or straining, and don’t force or strain bowel movements; these tips will help keep you free of HD.

The symptoms of hemorrhoidal disease usually include itching, pain, or bleeding, especially during bowel movements, as well as difficulty cleaning or blood on the paper after one. Internal hemorrhoids are generally painless, however, marked primarily by visible blood in stool or on the paper. You should always consult with a physician to determine whether you have Hemorrhoidal Disease, but we have compiled information about Hemorrhoidal Disease on our site to assist you in learning about the condition.

In addition to hemorrhoid treatment, the proctologists at the Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida are equipped to diagnose and treat a number of other perianal diseases, including anal fissures, skin tags, perianal dermatitis, and rectal prolapse. If you’re experiencing symptoms of Hemorrhoidal Disease or any other perianal disease, such as bleeding or sharp pain during a bowel movement, itching or irritation of the anus, or blood spotting on toilet tissue, our experienced medical professionals can provide you the help you need to achieve relief.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida – Tampa Bay Hemorrhoid Treatment

Relief from troublesome hemorrhoids doesn’t have to be a hassle. The experienced and dedicated Clearwater proctologists at the Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Florida are capable and fully equipped to treat a variety of hemorrhoid issues in a fast, effective, and compassionate manner. We proudly serve Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor and nearby areas. Call us today at (727) 724-4279 or use our online contact form to set up a free consultation with a physician and get started with relieving your condition in no time at all.

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