Common Conditions that Result from Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can often seem like just another nuisance. In fact, most Americans will suffer from a case of hemorrhoids at least once in their lifetime. Yet persistent and ongoing hemorrhoids can lead to other common conditions that can cause additional symptoms and health problems. If these conditions develop due to prolonged or frequent hemorrhoids, it is important to see a doctor for treatment of the condition as well as hemorrhoids.


Constipation is a common condition of people who have frequent or prolonged cases of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can cause discomfort and swelling, which in turn can make bowel movements uncomfortable. It can also lead to strained bowel movements, which can make constipation even worse. Severe cases of constipation can affect your health in numerous ways. Chronic constipation, especially when caused by hemorrhoids, should be addressed by a doctor. You can treat this condition with over the counter laxatives, but when those fail or you have to use them frequently, they can cause additional problems and side effects.


Although hemorrhoids can often be painless, they can also often cause bleeding. You may notice blood on your stool or on the toilet paper when you wipe. If hemorrhoids bleed frequently or freely, it could lead to anemia. Anemia is a condition in which your body does not have enough iron or red blood cells. You may need to address the problem with anemia at the same time as addressing the hemorrhoids to prevent the anemia from returning later.

If you have these conditions or other severe symptoms of hemorrhoids, it is important to seek help. Contact our office today for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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