Now Open to Patients Seeking Medical Marijuana Certification

Last year, the state of Florida passed a measure allowing for medical marijuana certification for certain medical conditions. While hemorrhoids and their complications are not listed specifically on the list of approved conditions for medical marijuana certification, these conditions can qualify you for certification via the provision for debilitating and chronic pain. But the benefits of medical marijuana reach far beyond for a multitude of conditions other than anorectal disorders and I am now equipped and ready to to help as a certified physician with the Florida Health  Medical Marijuana Registry

My practice is proud to offer services to patients who wish to try medical marijuana. I understand that. the desire for natural treatments is strong in today’s society. We are interested in helping our patients achieve a better quality of life, utilizing any treatments at our disposal. Many illnesses are appropriate for medical marijuana including; cancer, Crohns, PTSD, MS, glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, HIV/AIDS, ALS, epilepsy, terminal conditions and chronic nonmalignant pain. Many similar conditions including just a few of a long list include anxiety  Alzheimers and insomnia.

It is important to understand all the laws and regulations  and included conditions outlined in Florida’s medical marijuana statutes .  The office will assist you If you have any questions about what is allowed  , and you can get more information from the Florida Department of Health. Our office can also answer your questions, such as providing information about qualifying conditions.

If you are interested in certification for medical marijuana in Florida and interested in how medical marijuana may help contact us today to schedule your initial appointment and examination.

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