Have You Heard of Ultroid? Here’s Why It Was Replaced by HET

If you are a long time sufferer of hemorrhoids, you have probably done some research into possible treatments. One of the nonsurgical treatments that was preferred for a number of years was Ultroid. This nonsurgical treatment has since been replaced with HET, or Hemorrhoid Energy Therapy. Here’s what you need to know about both and why HET is the new preferred method.

Similarities Between Ultroid and HET

Ultroid and HET do have some similarities in how they work. With both methods, the blood vessel feeding the hemorrhoid is targeted to disrupt the blood flow to the hemorrhoid while also triggering the body’s healing response. Ultroid uses electrical currents to trigger a chemical reaction in the tissues. HET uses low heat of 55 degrees centigrade that destroys the blood vessels but not the overlying mucosa.  Both treatments are appropriate for internal, not external, hemorrhoids.

Why HET Replaced Ultroid

Ultroid is no longer used by most doctors, and it is no longer approved by the FDA. HET is the accepted replacement for this treatment. The reason that HET has replaced Ultroid is really very simple. While both are painless and effective treatments, Ultroid is not very effective for prolapsed hemorrhoids although it is effective for bleeding. The HET system is effective for both bleeding and prolapse, making it a more desirable treatment. The procedures are painless and result in no post procedure pain.

Our expert staff is experienced in the HET bipolar system, which is the preferred treatment for most cases of internal  hemorrhoids as well as the other techniques for treating internal, external hemorrhoids and other anorectal problems. If you are interested in learning more about how HET can help you, contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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