Healing After Your Hemorrhoid Treatment

Even if your hemorrhoid treatment is nonsurgical, it will take some time to heal from a case of hemorrhoids. Taking care while you are healing is important. You will heal much faster and have a quicker relief of symptoms if you are able to take care of yourself and keep the area clean. Here are some ways that you can help yourself heal after your hemorrhoid treatment.

Sitz Bath

It is a good idea to take a sitz bath, or a short bath of warm water, for 15 to 20 minutes 3 times per day and after bowel movements. This will help relieve some of your pain and discomfort. It will also ensure that the area stays clean, so that you are able to heal quickly.

Avoid Straining

It is very important that you avoid straining while you are recovering from hemorrhoids. Straining while doing heavy lifting is just as bad for you as straining during bowel movements. Try to keep your body from becoming tense in any way. Doing so will help ensure that you do not have any complications from the hemorrhoids.


It is very important that you shift your diet to include good sources of fiber. This should be done not just during recovery from hemorrhoid treatment, but also as a lifestyle change that you continue for years. Getting enough fiber in your diet will help prevent you from becoming constipated, so that you are not straining during recovery. It will also help keep your bowel movements regular so that you can eliminate a risk factor of getting hemorrhoids again in the future.

Recovery from hemorrhoid treatment is really not difficult or too uncomfortable. In fact, the pain and discomfort are often no worse than the hemorrhoids themselves. And as you heal, the pain and discomfort will lessen each day. Don’t put off getting treatment for your hemorrhoids. Contact us today for an appointment.

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