Hemorrhoids, Pregnancy, and Childbirth: What You Can Do

Hemorrhoids are common among most groups of adults, but perhaps one of the most troubling cases of hemorrhoids occur when one is pregnant or has just given birth. Hemorrhoids happen frequently during the later stages of pregnancy due to the pressure that the fetus is putting on the vessels of the pelvic floor, including the anorectum.Stay

It can be difficult to have regular bowel movements when you are pregnant or just after giving birth. All of the muscles of the pelvic floor are affected, which can make it difficult or painful to strain for bowel movements. Constipation is extremely common during and immediately after pregnancy, and the straining you have to do to have a bowel movement is one of the causes of hemorrhoids. Staying regular may require you to take a fiber supplement, increase fiber in your diet, and/or take the occasional laxative.

Seek Treatment

Over-the-counter treatments and home remedies are not often successful and even harmful.  If your symptoms persist or worsen over time, you should seek treatment for your hemorrhoids. If you have recently become pregnant or given birth and you are miserable with hemorrhoids, contact us today for more information or to schedule your initial appointment.

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